Documentary Smore Audience Reflection

  1. My favorite documentary was the “Into the Abyss” and Marshy did and excellent job at explaining the purpose and what the documentary was about showing both perspectives of the death penalty.

2. My second favorite documentary is “Black Fish” because it showed the truth on how the whales were treated at Sea World. Also how Sea World tried to keep a secret that the whale “Tilikum” killed a trainer from being treated inhumanly.

3. My third favorite was the documentary “Rich Hill”, I thought it was good because it showed the different struggles a person can have and how they have to overcome them. This documentary makes you become grateful for what you have.

4. I liked the documentary “Undefeated” because it shows that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. You need to put the hard work in to it in order to get the outcome you desire.

5. Lastly I liked the documentary “The story of US Women’s Soccer Team” because it showed how far women have came to prove that they can play sports too, it showed how women and young girls began to chase their dreams, and them having to work hard for it proved that women are very powerful.

Play-Doh Creations

My Play-Doh Creation was a butterfly with Polk a dots. The colors I chose to use were blue and red because I love those colors. I chose to make butterfly because butterflies were once a caterpillar that evolve in into a beautiful butterfly. I believe that everyone in their life has once changed. Also every butterfly has its unique beauty and that’s what I love about them. They are able to be free and fly where ever they please and be peaceful. This experience was a very fun and brought the creativity out of me. My other classmates made cool things like a cat, tacos, donuts, bat, and baseball mound. My two classmates that made the baseball bat and baseball mound really enjoy the sport baseball. My other classmate made a cat because she loves cats and really wishes she was able to have one as a pet. This activity can relate to the writing process because you have to think of what represents you so you can make something perfectly. You would want to make it perfectly because all of your classmates are going to see your creation. This was a great project because I had many ideas that were flowing through my mind and I was able to just brainstorm. This gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts through the form of art. This form of art was and very playful. Rhetorical situation played a big role in my decision because I knew that my play-doh will be seen by my classmates I didn’t want to  make an ugly butterfly. I really enjoyed this activity it was fun.

Word Cloud

I have choose a lot of words to describe me. But theses words are perfect for me because I am caring, loving and, sweet. I am loving, caring and sweet because I care for people and love when people feel welcomed by me. I believe that everyone should be treated with kindness. Also funny is a great word because I love to make people laugh and to be able to put a smile on someones face. I choose a butterfly because butterflies have to grow to become a beautiful butterfly. That is kinda like me because in order for me to become the person I want to be in life I have to grow and learn new things.

Veterans Day

A veteran is a person who has served in the military. The veterans make so much sacrifices. The make so many sacrifices for our country they protect and serve for us. A veteran is a self less person they go and fight for our freedom and leave their life behind. They usually do not get to see their family’s often and that is a huge sacrifice that they make all the time. It is very honorable but yet extremely dangerous. It is dangerous because they are risking their lives for our country. Veterans give their life in the belief that they are making mine better. The freedom we have in our life is not free at all because veterans fought for us to have it. America is very blessed to have all these Veterans that made theses sacrifices to make our country great. For Veterans Day I am going to Chicago to visit my aunt and uncle who are veterans, I am very grateful for them.

Reflection on Health and Medicine Panel

What I learned on November 18th was very helpful to me because I have some ideas of what I want to be that is in the medical field. I learned what a dental hygienist, an athletic trainer, a family practice physician, a physician assistant do for a living. This experience was very valuable to me because all theses professions were in the same room as me answering all different questions that I had in my mind that were finally answered. But as I came to decision that might change but as of now I think I would like to be an Ultra Sound Technician. I already know that I’m gonna have to go to have to do a four year bachelor degree program. What will help me prepare for my future profession is do well in my science courses that I’m am taking now.

Halloween Candys

Best candy’s that you can get on Halloween are                                             Image result for snickers

  1. Snicker are the best because they have caramel nuts and chocolate, I love them so much.
  2. Reese’s are really good too because its chocolate and peanut butter.
  3. Hershey’s are great too because its chocolate and chocolate.
  4. Payday’s are awesome because its a caramel bar covered with peanuts.
  5. Kit Kats are good because they are crunchy and covered in chocolate.
  6.  Jolly Rancher are great too because one there are multiple flavors and colors, and they are sweet and sour.
  7. Laffy Taffy’s are sweet fruit flavored caramels.
  8. Nerds are sweet rock candy’s they are great because there are so many in a little box.
  9. Pixy Stix are sweet  and sour flavored powered candy.
  10. Skittles are sweet flavored sugar balls

Worst candy’s that you can get on Halloween

  1. Dots different flavored gum drops, I don’t like them cause they tastes weird and get stuck on the trees.
  2. Tootsie Roll are chocolate like taffy like candy also don’t like these because so hard to eat and gets stuck in teeth.
  3. Dubble Bubble are gums that are bubble flavor but the flavor run out really quickly.
  4. Milky Way’s are chocolate covered candy but I don’t like them because its to much chocolate for me.
  5. Sour Patch are sweet and sour candy’s but they run out of flavor and get stuck in teeth.
  6. Twix have a butter cookie center with camel on top and covered with chocolate, but I don’t like the butter cookie.
  7. Air Heads are sour taffy/chewy candy that get stuck in your teeth.
  8. Swedish fish are like licorice I just don’t like the flavor.
  9. Twizzlers are also licorice and cherry flavored.
  10. Candy Corn are sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax, and water, this is the worst candy that I can think of I hate  the flavor.
  11. Image result for candy corn


I am thankful for my family, friends. I love thanksgiving so much because its a day when my whole family comes together. I am very thankful for my mom because she is always there for me and cares for me. She always likes to make sure if I’m doing okay. I’m thankful for my dad because he is always teaching me new things and he wants me to keep growing strong as a person. I’m very thankful for my two older sisters they are caring and very much a like a second mom but its okay because I love them. Now my two other brothers I’m very thankful for them but they probably don’t know but they both are just so funny it always brightens up my day. They make me laugh so much and they are also very nice. I’m very thankful for my friends because they are just great people who are caring , funny, and loving. I’m very thankful my family and friends.

American Literature

The movie the “The Help” depicts its time period greatly. The movie ” The Help” is set in the 1960s in Mississippi, it is about a girl that wants to be a writer and chooses to interview black woman who spent most of their life taking care of white families which was called being a maid. The film depicted the book accurately because the way the characters speak is the way the it was written in the book. When the movie scenes accurately showcase the important book scenes it helps a lot because then they fully understand it by watching it. Also it helps to show how other people treated black people in the 1960s such as how they had to sit in the back of the bus. But movies can also ruin book scenes by not depicting the book well. If you read a great book you expect to watch a great movie.

Haunted house gives back to cancer patients

George Farrow III is a sixteen year old teenager who lives in New Hampshire. He hosts a Haunted house called Dark Hill Cemetery Haunted House. This year he is having a hospital themed Haunted house. George is very smart so his Haunted House is mostly ran with  a  program he created from the technology on a computer. In beginning, back in 2008 it was more of a front yard display. But soon later it became into a garage walk through with many details. And now it is a 10 minute tour between a couple of rooms with some volunteers to scare some people. George’s Haunted House is free and welcome to anyone preferably over the age of thirteen. But George does except donations to go to the Nonprofit Amy treat in Dover, New Hampshire. This organization helps the patients of Sea Coast Cancer center. Last year George’s Haunted House raised $1400 dollars for Amy’s Treat.


George Farrow III/Darkhill Cemetery Haunted House






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Job shadowing Reflection

What I learned from my presentation is what a typical day of work is like for a veterinarian. I also learned the education requirements for a veterinarian. Also if you want to be a vet a skill that you should have is good communication skills.I think I did pretty well on my presentation I didn’t do perfect but I did pretty well. Some techniques that I could incorporate in my next presentation is just look over my note cards and look to the audience.  When I say just look over my note cards I mean that not to just stay reading them you have to have contact with the audience. If was able to d anything differently to change the outcome of my presentation I would speak louder so everyone can hear cause I was quiet. I would also look at the audience more. I wish I wasn’t as shy as I was while presenting so then I could of been more enthusiastic. If I could present again I wouldn’t because presenting is scary for me and I think I did the best that I could of done. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I feel satisfied on the outcome I have.